Beaux Arts Musicians:

Ginny Achin
Oz Bach
John Balcomb
Richard Balcomb
Michael Baldwin
Don Couch
Charlie Dechant
Chris Eilersen
Ramblin’ Jack Elliott
Dan English
Laura Es (Nancy Bressler, or Nacy Laura)
Richard FerrissTampa Jams
Finley aka Panama Red
Joe First
J.W. Fonte
Llyn French
Mike Fry
“Sunset” Pete Gallagher
Robert Christian Gandhi
Doug Gauss
Kathleen Gill
Sherry Goldman
Chris Gomez
Holly Gwinn Graham
Bobby Hicks
Annie Stanfield Hagert
Buddy Helm
William Hubbell
Michael Hyde
Veronika Jackson
George Johnson
Danny Kalais
Jak Kelly
Buddy and Jackie Klein
Donna Klein
Richard Leps
Doug Lockridge
Will McLean
Billy Martin
Vince Martin
Paddy Mitchell
Michael Moore
Jim Morrison
Barry Moses
Fred Neil
Jenny Neil
Jim Neiman
Rick Norcross
Henry Paul
Lee and Betsy Paulet
Kale Payne
David Philhour
Randy Prentiss
Mike Robbian
Gamble Rogers
Martin Schumann
Barry Sims
Phillip Scheiner
Eric Scott
Michael Smith
Peter Smith
Raiford Starke
Daryl Stimpson
Ronald Tarentino
Katherine Trowell
Eric Von Schmidt
Jerry Jeff Walker
Bill Wasel
Paul Watkins
Michael Wilcox
Ted Wray

Updated: March 20, 2017:

ttps://  and

Rick Norcross new site

Ronald Tarentino

Dave Philhour


Ted Wray

If you see any names missing or want to add links, let me us know by commenting on the page. We look forward to any new musicians with a political message who want to express themselves here. We are channeling those who sang and played before us and sincerely hope that others are too.

Phil Larson is working with me on the book project, digitizing and organizing the audio tracks that we have collected for the archives. It is our intention to produce a compilation CD or DVD as a companion to the Beaux Arts Book.

We are collecting audio and video materials for three distinct purposes:

1.     Inclusion on a compilation CD – If you have a good quality sound track that you would like us to consider, please send it for review. Be aware that all material that is chosen will need the proper permission at the time it is approved.

2.     Inclusion in the Beaux Arts archives – If you have material that is of historical, or any other significance to the beaux artists and their audience and fans, please send it, or send a link, and we will accept it into our virtual gallery. Please add any stories about the artists or the performance that you like. Send photos and copies of posters, flyers, ads or whatever you feel goes with the music.

3.     Links to web sites, recordings and videos on the web, or anything else of interest.

Pass this along to anyone you know who may not be connected to the web.

Bill Wasel
Bill Wasel

Bill Wassel opened the music room with Tom around 1952. His last performance was the 2006 Beaux Arts Memorial for Thomas Bruce Reese. Listen to some tracks


2 thoughts on “Music”

  1. Hi There! I just found your site after hearing a story from my Mom about my late father’s fond remembrances of his time spent at Beaux Arts around 1970/71/72. His name was Lawrence (Larry) Honaker. It was like an unexpected gift dropped from the sky to hear that my father enjoyed spending time and being part of that eclectic creative community. I had hoped to be able to visit it when I travel to Florida, but was saddened to see that Beaux Arts Coffee House is no longer there. Daddy was a musician, but Momma says he talked most about his love for gardening there at the house. He had his little 2 yr old son with him at the time too. It’s wonderful to glimpse this little piece of my Dad’s past when so much of it shrouded in the veils of time. If you happen across any mention of him in your records/stories, it sure would be a wonderful verbal gift to be able to share with my mother and siblings. Blessings of Creativity, Free-expression, and Peace to you all.
    Sarah H.

    1. I always heard my husband, Jerry Banks talk about Beaux Arts. He was a teenager from Largo and played in a band with Terry Blankenship. It would have been early 70’s. I was excited to find this site and will share it with him when I get home from work.

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