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Florida Sunshine Found art in San Francisco. Genuine Canned Florida Sunshine, in case you need more.


15 thoughts on “Guests”

  1. Tonight I’ll sleep in my “Open Mike With Mike” T-shirt in honor of my brother Mike Moore the Hectic Eclectic who passed 5 years ago tonight. Time passes so quickly and I can’t believe we’ve lived without your music, poetry, humor and genius for so long already. I know you must be jamming with Zappa and taking orders from Tom. I miss you. Jenny

      1. Thank you Philip! So nice to see this post today. His guitar sits in waiting at my house and calls to me. I hope someday to be able to pick it up and play. We’re never to old to learn! It’s on my list. Thanks again.

  2. It’s a SMALL world!!

    Is there a website with photos – even vintage, of the old hotel or Beaux Arts?

    I saw a story in the Beacon about the Lion Heads being used in the new McDevitt Historical Park. I wonder if there is any mention of the hotel or BA at the park? Guess I’ll have to take a ride and check it out 🙂

    You may know?
    Sandy Holloway – of Seminole, my mother-in-law. She was a Bogie grad 62 or 63, I think. Piddled around with the guitar, years ago – mostly at house parties. She can carry a tune, once in a great while, she’ll get up and do Summertime.
    Mike Holloway – of Seminole, my father-in-law, he passed in 1981. We never met. Bogie grad too, one year ahead of Sandy. Played a 5 string banjo. With lots of different local pickers. He & Sandy were instrumental in getting the Bluegrass in the Park started at the Seminole City Park.
    Kevin Holloway – my husband. Gigs with Dennis Wallace (now aka Corn Fused) and sometimes with his sister’s band.
    Kristen Holloway – Oliphant, my sister-in-law. Gypsy Wind is her band.

    WHEW! I better stop, I could go on & on! ha ha!!

    I guess in closing, I should say – It’s VERY nice to see people work to save our history! Yeah! for you 🙂


  3. I was a Beaux Arts regular from early 1966 to June 1967. Is this blog dead, now that I have just discovered it? I do love the photos here! Especially the photo of that Beaux Arts door I used so many times. Does anyone else remember the sweet smell of Jasmine as you approached that door?

  4. My mother and I danced at Temple of the Wings in the mid-1950’s, and my teacher was Sulgwynn Quitzow. I remember her husband Charles and daughter (Aurora?) quite well. After living in many places in the USA for the past 50 years, as a professional violinist, I now live in LA and am hoping to move back to Berkeley someday soon. Is there any way to contact other dance students from my era: 1953-1958? I went to the Temple last week for the first time in 50 yrs, and it is beautiful!
    What is Beaux Arts? Can I play my violin at the Temple?
    Karen Van Sant

  5. Beaux Arts 2007

    It was great meeting with Mari and Colleen while Mari was visiting St. Petersburg the last week of October 2007.
    I was able to show her and Colleen some of the manuscript on the book I have written about Tom, Beaux Arts and it’s famous alumnus. We were able to get together with Chris Gomez and Gig and the other Chris who’s last name I can’t recall and go over many of the photos and films that have been saved from Tom’s estate (I was also able to share the photos I had taken of the original Beaux Arts before it’s destruction). I found a great photo of my brother Richard accepting his award for winning the July 4th, 1971 poetry contest and being presented by author/ playwright Gilbert Maxwell, a friend of the immortal Tennesee Williams.
    I am looking forward to getting my book published and hope that Mari and Colleen will soon have theirs ready as well, so that we can document for all time the greatness of Beaux Arts, Tom and all the individuals that made it so wonderful.
    Thanks Mari for all that you have done to organize everyone and encourage the reunions and revival of the “Oldest coffehouse in the South”, we all appreciate your noble effort and look forward to any further reunions and celebrations.
    John Balcomb

  6. I took art as a kid from Tom and his teacher peers at the Royal Palm – some years before Kerouac and Morrison – I’m not famous yet, but survivin’ – still the artist inside me is scratchin’ the cage and shakin’ the bars – help…

  7. Message from Malcolm, May 17, 2007

    “Brad Morewood has notified me that Poet Bill Martin passed away last week in San Fransisco after a massive heart attack. There will be a Memorial Open Mike for Bill at Jake’s Java Joint on May 27 at 3 pm, Sunday. Jake’s is on Kennedy one or two blocks East of Dale Mabry, on the South side.

    “Bill was a very unique individual who lived the raging literary life that everybody else can only dream about. I am glad that he was immersed in the hot literary life in San Fransisco at the time of his passing.”

    – Malcolm Johnson

  8. i was a frequent and well received performer at the beaux arts for decades. norman b / deviations from the norm. malcolm or others interested in beaux arts can contact me at below email. hey, malcolm, when is tom’s birthday?

  9. dear malcolm
    nice to see your name. too bad about tom. please write to me that we may keep in touch. i’m still me, every bit. how’s your health? how’s things? Et cetera. love, norman b

  10. From Malcolm,

    There was a short business article in Sunday’s, April 8, Community tabloid, (it may be at that notes that the Beaux Arts Gallery and Muse (was ‘museum’ but Tom had it painted over on the sign) has reopened as the Public Dining House. It is actually the owners of the former Central Thyme restaurant that was there before, they are just taking over the space the Frame and Gift shop occuppied on the lower floor. It mentions that it includes art from the collection of Tom Reese. It will be open for lunch Wed.-Sat and Dinner Thurs-Sat. The phone is 727-322-2280 and the website is
    This opens the possibility that there could be a Beaux Arts Reunion (or something) on or around Toms birthday. It might be possible to rent the restaurant out after hours and have people reserve the tables and even have some of the Beaux Arts performers perform during the event.
    Malcolm Johnson

  11. Hello everyone!

    Attached is the link to the latest newsletter with T.R.E.E. Inc’s latest tree planting adventures! Read about our first planting on a historic island in Tampa Bay and about a forest planted in memory of a man and his coffee house in St. Petersburg that was a hang out for artists and writers such as Jack Kerouac, Jim Morrison and John D. McDonald!

    Enjoy and keep planting trees!

    William D. Moriaty, President
    Tampa Bay Reforestation and Environmental Effort, Inc.

    Newsletter Link:

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