San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge LOUD Deafening Noise During High Winds

By Michael Cabanatuan : sfchronicle – excerpt

Deafening noise on Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA during high winds. This happened on June 5, 2020. Many on Twitter and Reddit are reporting hearing the bridge’s hum from miles away. Follow us @roamingrecord on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Visit

Oakland Coliseum Parking Lot Could Be Converted To Drive-In Theater For A’s Games, Movies

cbslocal – excerpt (includes video)

OAKLAND (KPIX 5) — The Oakland A’s are looking to get fans involved once the season starts up again with a unique idea one city leader hopes will attract more people to the Coliseum.

Oakland City Council member Rebecca Kaplan and others are working with the Coliseum Authority to install massive screens in the parking lot of the Coliseum to show movies and live baseball to socially-distanced fans… (more)


The New Iconoclasm

By Hugh Van Skyhawk : Somewhere over the Rainbow


I grew up in the Deep South, imbibed the spirit of William Faulkner with my mother’s milk as she read Faulkner while nursing me, and know only too well that slavery is a heinous crime, a great sin for which slave owners can never be exonerated in this world. (What happens in the afterlife is not in our hands anyway.).

I still have clear memories of the “Nigger Town” of my own hometown, that ghetto of shanty dwellings in which my fellow citizens who were black were forced to live. We never went there, and they never came to our homes as friends.

I remember Billie Holiday singing Abel Meeropol’s “Strange Fruit”.

I remember the last documented lynching of a black man in north Florida in 1958.

I remember the ‘integration’ of my high-school in 1961 and I remember joining other boys of our high-school as ‘protectors’ of the sweet black girl who was now our fellow pupil against possible racist violence.

I remember composing a doggerel couplet against one of my fellows who was a known racist. It went like this:

      “XX was a wise old man until he joined the Ku Klux Klan”

I remember the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. Martin Luther King’s unforgettable speech before the Lincoln Memorial (‘I have a dream…’, August 1963).

I remember being handcuffed, being thrown into the trunk of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s patrol car and driven out into the swamps. I remember the deputies telling me

   “We don’t like white boys who have black girlfriends. Next time we’re gonna throw you in the canal and let the gators eat you for lunch.”… (more)

I think you will like this article

Towards more strategically differentiated money /credit creation and reuse

Published by Graham Barnes : feasta – excerpt

Every transaction between two parties involves a choice of where to direct money and/or how we spend our time. As individuals we have individual choices and consequent responsibilities with where we direct our own spending and attention. People are generally more aware of the consequences of their choices than they were. But money creators – those who bring money or credit into first use – have a special responsibility because only they have full agency and unlimited scope, and only at this point is the supply of money/credit aggregated sufficiently to make radical change possible quickly if that supply is redirected… (more)

Some radical thinking about how money is and could be created.

Another Day, Another NDA: Trump Threatens Litigation Over A Nondisclosure Agreement With Niece

jonathanturley – excerpt


In the Trump Administration, it seems that each day brings a new NDA.  From Stormy Daniels to Michael Cohen to John Bolton, NDA litigation has become the signature litigation issue of the Trump presidency.  Now, President Donald Trump has invoked a NDA in response to a new tell-all book by his niece Mary Trump.

Mary Trump’s book Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man is expected to be released soon.  The book reportedly will also confirm that she was a source for the The New York Times on Trump’s financial dealings.

The disclosures allegedly run afoul of a nondisclosure agreement, according to President Trump. He told Axios “She’s not allowed to write a book. You know, when we settled with her and her brother, who I do have a good relationship with — she’s got a brother, Fred, who I do have a good relationship with, but when we settled, she has a total … signed a nondisclosure.”… (more)


SWJ El Centro Review Essay – Operation Devil Horns: The Takedown of MS-13 in San Francisco

By Robert J. Bunker : smallwarsjournal – excerpt

Book review: Michael Santini and Ray Bolger, Operation Devil Horns: The Takedown of MS-13 in San Francisco. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2019 [ISBN: 1538139340, Paperback 264 Pages]

Operation Devil Horns focuses on a four year long federal undercover operation against the 20th Street MS-13 clique situated in the Mission District of San Francisco spanning unspecified months from 2004 into 2008. Utilizing multiple confidential informants (CIs) from within the clique, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act was able to be employed against more than forty-two of its members and associates essentially crippling it (p. 221). As mentioned in publisher advertising, the operation was “Set in a city with one of the strictest sanctuary policies protecting illegal immigrants in America…[and]…illustrates how politically correct ideology impacts life-or-death crime fighting on the streets.”[1] As the homicide rate spiked in San Francisco due to the clique’s violent activities and after the sensationalized June 2008 Bologna family killing by MS-13 members, however, took place city governmental cooperation via the SFPD (San Francisco Police Department) with the federal undercover operation greatly increased (pp. 189-197)…

To get a sense of the sheer complexity of transitioning from the undercover investigation to the subsequent federal prosecution, the following passage is illustrative of the operational requirements to engage in the near simultaneous arrest of dozens of 20th Street members and associates:…(more)

A true crime book review. I see some strange grammatical errors, but, the review includes a lot of interesting details.

Mountain lion slinks into San Francisco, seen near Salesforce Tower

By : sfchronicle – excerpt

A young mountain lion spent Tuesday morning wandering around downtown San Francisco and looking none too happy about it.

The puma was spotted on Russian Hill shortly after midnight and, some hours later, was seen near the Embarcadero and Broadway on the northern waterfront and then again near Salesforce Tower in the South of Market area, according to biologist Zara McDonald of the Bay Area Puma Project.

McDonald studied images that had been provided on a Twitter post, from a TV station and from a photographer. They all showed a frightened animal that had perhaps left its mother’s side in northern San Mateo County a little too early…(more)

More critters for the “Untamed Zoo” song. We had skunks, possums, raccoons and rats. Now we can add cougar cats. And let’s not forget the great blue herons standing around golf courses staring at gopher holes ready to swoop in for lunch, or dinner, or just to toss one for fun when they are full.

Everybody’s Talking

Recorded by Karel Beer

Panama Red sings Everybody’s Talkin’ with Geraint Watkins, Fay Lovsky, George Wolfheart, Jeff Boudreaux and definately better late than never Ronnie Caryl. Panama in his inimitable style just drifts into the Fred Neil song without offering the band much info on where he was taking them. Once they logged in, everybody’s listening. Another great moment from the Rochefort en Accords festival in 2007.

Back in the day of LIVE CONCERTS!

How Repo Works

by Yves Smith : nakedcapitalism – excerpt


Naked painting by Eric Beckus, one of the late great Beaux Artists, featured on

Yves here. Repo is a critically important mechanism by which major dealer banks finance themselves, and repo is therefore often a major topic in bank reform discussions. We thus thought it would be useful to post this overview.

By Daniela Gabor, an associate professor in the Faculty of Business and Law at the University of Western England-Bristol and Cornel Ba, an assistant professor of International Relations and Co-Director of the Global Economic Governance Initiative at Boston University. This is an excerpt from a recent paper that was originally published in the Journal of Common Market Studies.

The ‘repurchase agreement’ (often referred to as ‘repo’) has become a key financial device for contemporary capitalism. Though the legal and formal definitions of a repo transaction can make it sound quite complex, it most simply can be thought of as a (usually short-term) secured loan. In a repo transaction one institution (the lender) agrees to buy an asset from another institution (the borrower) and sell the asset back to the borrower at a pre-agreed price on a pre-agreed future date (a day, a week or more). The lender takes a fee (repo interest rate payment) for ‘buying’ the asset in question and can sell the asset in the case that the borrower does not live up to the promise to repurchase it. The fundamental purpose of this circular transaction is to lend and borrow funds (and, in some cases, securities). While financial institutions use it to raise finance, central banks use it in monetary policy…(more)

We will return to frivolity soon. this is an important subject for people who are trying to figure out how the US economy works and falls apart for those who care to try to figure it out.

Abandoning facial recognition in the age of pandemics.

linkedin – excerpt

img 6151
fashion mask

Amazon says it will place a “one-year pause” on allowing police to use its facial recognition tool, one day after IBM said that it’s exiting the facial recognition business. While IBM will no longer offer, develop or research the software, Amazon is using a moratorium in the hope that Congress will “put in place appropriate rules for ethical use of facial recognition.” Amid crackdowns on protests against police racism and brutality across the country, tech companies are facing increased scrutiny over their contracts with law enforcement agencies, with studies showing that the technology is inferior at identifying the gender of people with darker skin…(more)

Another business lost to COVID-19.