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One of the films that ran at the original Beaux Arts

mourislips from
mourislips from “Frank Film”

Oddly enough, Beaux Arts, in Pinellas County, Florida,  was one of the first art scenes to be killed off in the 1980’s. Now the fight of the 21st century is over art space in New York and San Francisco. City authorities are displacing their creative histories to make room for the one percent.

Beaux Arts film channel on YouTube

Chris Skillman Resurrected Beaux Arts in Clearwater, Florida for a few months. How did this California native, who never met Tom Reese, or stepped across the threshold of any of his doors, catch the Beaux Arts fever and the urge to move the mountains that it took to bring his dream to fruition? That is for you to ponder.

What I can tell you is that Chris is the proud owner of the largest known collection of archival materials that came out of the last iteration of Beaux Arts that was on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, Florida. He holds most of Tom’s treasured collection of films, photographs, art work, books and papers. See details below.

Chris is working with local film students and enthusiasts to document the film collection and to organize and possibly digitize some of them. The collection includes a lot of 16 mm homemade films that Tom either commissioned or produced at Beaux Arts, as well as period films that Tom screened at Beaux Arts.

1.     If you have materials that are of historical, or any other significance to the Beaux Artists and fans, Contact Chris Skillman,

2.     If you want to add it to the virtual gallery and the database, you can send information and or links to that information to Mari Eliza, via

3.     Please put Beaux Arts in the subject heading. Add any stories about how you acquired the art, what attracted you to it, or anything else that you would like to share.

Pass this along to anyone you know who may not be connected to the web.

Beaux Arts Ball
Beaux Arts Ball still from home movie

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