Mayor Ed Lee – Support the 50 year Anniversary of the Summer of Love

Open Letter to the Mayor of San Francisco:


Mayor Ed Lee,

So far this concert has had more interference than Super Bowl and it is coming from City Hall. You wasted no time in supporting big sports events that close down major sections of the city for days at a time and cost the taxpayers and small businesses millions of dollars. Why not support a free concert that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love festival when the world needs Peace and Love now more than ever?

Where are all those liberated people who filled the streets with protest when Trump was elected who marched for women’s rights, LGBT rights, human rights and peace? Where are the protests and support for a free music event that celebrates the movement that started it all? Are we so jaded that we forgot all those who fought for our freedom and sanctuary status? Why are there no new protest songs on the top 40 list?

Does San Francisco only support events that involve millions of dollars and walls and fences in SF while protesting Trump’s wall with Mexico? Get with it Mayor Lee. Dig out your 60’s gear, peace signs and pipes and lead the parade for the Summer of Love, or at least kick it into high gear now.

Concerned Citizen of the world

In tribute to Tom Reese and Rational Radicals Everywhere

I am so understanding the confused state of mind Tom must have had when he, as a Navy Veteran from WWII who was stationed in England during the war and experienced the bombing in London, was confronted by the anti-war hippies that invaded his place during the 1960’s. As an earlier Beat, he probably took a less political stance at first. Gradually he was drawn into the other side.

I am feeling that confusion now, with the new administration we are facing. In many ways I am feeling that confusion as I have been dealing with the excesses of the Democratic Party and their embracing of the development industry that is destroying our cities.

Living in San Francisco my perspective is shattered. How can a benevolent society that takes on the mantel of being so open to freedom and choice, be so connected at the hip to the digital industry that is responsible for the robotization of our society and the surveillance state that we are fast becoming against our will?

I hope that the readers of this site will respond with art and poetry that we may share to express our feelings on these matters. At this strange time in history it feels like we need to rely on art more than ever. Please think of this as an invitation to send your art and your feelings about what feels like a cultural revolution. Go out and make films and write songs and send me your links.


Mari Eliza, A keeper of the Tom Reese tradition of radical rational politics in these troubled times.

In Honor of George McGovern

In honor of George McGovern

In honor of George McGovern, I post this photo from 1972. L to R: Caitlin
Johnson, Barry Simms (Vietnam vet, US Army), Llyn French, Charles Futch,
Holly Gwinn Graham, Bill Dreyer (2x Vietnam vet, USMC). “Republicans for
McGovern-Shriver,” Williams Park bandshell, St. Petersburg, FL. Not all of
us were Repubs, and I do not recall what songs we did, but I was proud to be
for McGovern and against the war… all wars.

– Llyn French

There’s a way to live with Earth, and a way not to live with Earth.  We choose the way of Earth.
– John Trudell (1946 -), patriot of 
the indigenous nations of the Western hemisphere

Off Topics moving to zRants

This site is for and about the Beaux Artists. Realizing that politics were a big part of Tom’s life and the Beaux Arts tradition, we are putting some political material on this blog and on the site. Most of the political rhetoric will be moved to the zRants blog. Please sign up for regular notices on updates or check us frequently there. Such topics as “oil drilling off the cost of Florida” and the pressing need for solar power will be covered there. Speaking of solar, have you heard the good news? A study on gas consumption of air conditioned vehicles has determined an air-conditioned car does not use any more gas than a car with the windows rolled down. So you can ride around in comfort without guilt.

Happy Trails