Open Mics in St. Pete

Katiki’s on Sunset Beach has a regular open mic, and the Globe Coffee Lounge, 5th St & 1st Av N, 727-898-JAVA, picks up the slack with its SongWriter’s Nights on occasional Saturdays. New on the scene is the Koo Koo Kafe, just off 4th St at 15th Av N, a most eclectic place with coffee, tea, and music, art, and fun.
OR – Google these places – they all have websites that can give you more info. PLUS! Check , and go to the Guide section for up-to-date details. Also send us any news of new places as you find them.


Archival Beaux Arts Footage

Today I heard from Chris Skillman, who has a large collection of 16 mm Beaux Arts Films. He is talking to a skilled film historian about helping with the archiving of these films. The collection include Tom’s home movies, art films, competition entries,  and vintage footage that Tom collected over the years.

We would love to talk to anyone familiar with Tom’s film schedules. We need help going through the collection and will arrange credit for student interns who are interested in film catalogs. Email Colleen or Mari for more information.


 We stopped by and took some photos of the paintings in question. Here they are. If anybody recognized this as Tom’s work, let us know:

Tom Reese?painter’s corner

HISTORY – I got a call from Colleen and Sterling Powell, regarding a painting they happened on at a garage sale in St. Pete. The painting is a still life of an artist’s work area, with brushes, paint, Artists’ Digest magazine, on one side and a nude male on the other. There is a tag that say Thomas Reese on it. They understand it was in the Brass Key Gallery on Central. If anyone can identity Tom’s work, please contact Colleen and Sterling at the CitiLife Magazine. Email Colleen or call 727-580-4908.

They’ll post a photo here soon. If you recognize it let us know.

Regarding Tom’s Film Nights

I recall that he would put together themed weekends, especially those dedicated to Jack Kerouac and Jim Morrison, usually near their birthdays. He would pull in all these films of or about one of them, invite people to share their poetry or music inspired by them, and occasionally even have art or photo shows as part of the whole package. Then he would take the mike, and relate to his audience all the strange and wonderful stories of his time spent with them. Heard some marvelous stories about Jack and Jim…
One of Tom’s favorite films for the Kerouac weekend was the Steve Allen Show segments, where Allen would play piano, and Jack would recite his poetry or stories over the music – very Beat, very hip…
I sure miss old Tom…


Charlie DeChant

Just got a call from Phil Larson that Charlie DeChant is in San Francisco with Hall and Oats. We are in SF these days. I took the occasion to look Charlie up on line, and found this on youtube. For those of you who don’t know, Charlie met Danny Finely and the crew who became Bethlehem Asylum at Beaux Arts. They moved toward Miami and met a big splash. Here is Charlie playing on stage with Hall and Oats 6/26/04 on youtube

Beaux Arts films

These are the kinds of films Tom used to show at Beaux Arts…

“Frank Film”. It’s written up online here:

Frank and Caroline Mouris made a film in 1973 “Frank Film”

Frank and Caroline Mouris are independent filmmakers who specialize in animation and collage. Frank won an Oscar for Frank Film” in 1973.

Check out the link below for a little sample of Frank’s work