Major updates on the Beaux Arts Book Site

We did some major work on the site. Added Film, Tom Reese, and Dance Chapters. We need to one more lead story then we’ll be ready to switch to media production, formatting the films and music for download. And… I’m on the track of solving the shipwreck mystery. Next, we’ll track down the details on what happend to the Kane family fortune. According to Tom, the Catholics have it all.


The Kane Family Shipwreck

Tom mentions the Kane family ancestors being shipwrecked off Newfoundland in the film interview. He told me to check the records of Lloyd’s of London. They have all the records of ship wrecks. After a couple of hours online, I did find some references to a ship with a story that fits the description of the shipwreck.

John and Alice Kane, with 2 year-old Thomas, sailed from Ireland for York(Toronto), Canada in 1829. Their ship wrecked off the coast of Newfoundland. They later got a ride to Maramachi, New Brunswick, where John died. After 16 years, Alice and 18-year-old Thomas made their way to Canada. The Despatch comes closet to fitting the description of the ship they sailed on.

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Beaux Arts Gallery and Coffeehouse

The Beaux Arts book is for and about the people who passed through Beaux Arts Gallery and Coffeehouse of Pinellas Park, Florida, where Thomas Reese set the stage and invited artists and performers to create their magic. Here’s another blank canvas waiting to be filled with Truth, Rumors and Fantasies.

Submit stories to Guest page or email and I will post them for you. We’ll try to get this thing figured out. So far, I’m about half there now.

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