News from Boo

Here is the film that Carla (my niece) and I made (she directed, edited and produced) that was chosen 1st at the Dalí Museum film competition. It was judged by John Waters (Hairspray, Cry Baby, Pink Flamingos). As a result we felt that extreme was called for and it did pay off. If you are easily offended this may not be for you, but in truth it is a pretty funny flick. I do think Tom would have been proud (John Waters, are you kidding?!), I also think I would have made him blush!…..Boo!

click on the link below for a high res version.


Hole in My Pocket

We’ve got a new video called Hole in My Pocket on YouTube, in time for your favorite holiday, April 15th. Sorry about the fuzz around the edges. That’s the way YouTube programs work now. I’ll post a better quality image on the Tommy D site. And, if you are in California, vote NO Prop 98 and YES 99 to protect Renter’s.

Beaux Artist

I enjoyed looking at your Beaux-Arts site and reading about Tom. It brought back a lot of warm Florida memories. I frequented B.A. from 1980-1982 when I was in Largo High School. My artist friends and I would make the trip over from Largo to see foreign movies and the art shows. It was the only place like it when I was growing up. I remember Tom being friendly to us (a bunch of teen long-hairs.) I was studying painting at the Gulf Coast Art Center back then, when it was in Bellair.

Those were my two favorite places at the time and really are responsible for me pursuing my life as an artist. I ended up attending the Ringling School of Art and Design- 1982-1986 and have since gone on to exhibit my work around the country as well as hold staff positions at several well known museums: (Guggenheim Museum, Ringling Museum and Grey Art Museum/ NYU.) I have lived and worked as an artist and art restorer in New York City for the last 15 years but still enjoy thinking about how exciting it was to discover the life of the artist for the first time. Good luck with your book.


News from the Front

Mt. Everest 1989

A number of Beaux Arts alumni have embraced humanitarian lifestyles. Hugh van Skyhawk is one of them. I asked him to update me on his projects. Here is his list to date.

1. 1990–1998: ‘Barefoot doctor’ (basic medical care) for mountain people in northern Pakistan (often for their domestic animals as well).
2. 1995–1998: Micro-hydroelectric power plant for the remote village of Hispar (Nager, Karakoram).
3. 2005–2006: Immediate help for victims of the earthquake in Kashmir (warm clothing, medicines, tents).
4. 1978–present: discovering, initiating and promoting inter-religious dialogues in India and Pakistan. My academic work has been devoted to promoting understanding of indigenous traditions (devotional literature and oral traditions) that teach universal compassion and brotherhood where they are needed most.
5. 2007–present: Installation of a solar electric unit for the Taxila Institute of Asian Civilizations, Islamabad, Pakistan. Establishment of a library of source materials for the study of comparative religions in Islamabad, Pakistan.
6. 2007 to present: The building, support, and protection of an elementary school for girls in the village of Gormaan, Province Logar, Afghanistan.

“These efforts have been undertaken parallel to my field research. I have never been a full-time development aid worker or adviser. But I did what I could with the means that were at my disposal or the means I could obtain from development aid organizations while still doing the job I had been sent to the field to do.” Hugh

Hugh pages

Haines Road in St. Pete

This has been the center of activity for the last couple of years. Chris Skillman of The Estate Sale Store on Haines Road in St. Petersburg. This year we went through two films and so many photos and newsletters and press releases, I am still going through them. I will be posting some here real soon. By the way, if you mouse over the small images here, you should see a link to a larger image. Below are a couple of images of people who used to haunt Beaux Arts. How many do you recognize? (Click on the image to see them all. For some reason this image is bigger than the others. Go figure.)


memories of Beaux Arts


HI. I went to BA almost every weekend from 1965 to 1967…. I was in high school in Tampa and came to perform as a folk singer there. It was important socially and artistically , (as you stated in your short piece that was just sent me by another alumni) and was an inviting and supportive haven for anyone a tad different than the mainstream. Here is one story:

I was only 16 and my parents were very uncomfortable with me going to this “folk” place across the bridge. The final agreement is that they would come and check the place out and hear me sing… and so they came one night on a Friday night….. My father was a marine colonel on has way to Marine Headquarter in Saigon… my mother, a conservative military wife, terrified to contend with an acting out 16 year old.
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John Balcomb Photos

The Kids in 1982

The Kids (John Balcomb singer/guitarist/frontman) 1982


Los Angeles 1992. One of my many California trips.

la 1999

Los Angeles, California 1999 (myself with J.D. Souther and Fred Walecki)

J.D. Souther was one of the co-founders of the Eagles and a solo artist,
Fred Walecki owns Westwood Music in Hollywood and was a good friend of mine.