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Hicks with Sticks

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A fun group that plays around a bit:
They will be at the Riptide on Taraval Saturday, August 11, around noon
and Amnesia on on Valencia Monday, August 13, 8:30 PM

The Jiffy Mellows


More Summer of Love at the Whitney

Filmmaker Jerry Abrams, had the fortune of being at the 1967 Be In. Some of his footage from the event is being screened at the Whitney Museum in New York City this summer. That summer he produced the light show at the Monterrey Pop Festival.

Jerry came to Project Artaud with Cinema Workshop in the early 1970’s. He filmed the performance of famous Russian dissident poet, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, with Lawrence Ferlinghetti in Theater Artaud in 1972. He also shot an Artaud group film that featured some of the early residents. Some of Jerry’s films are distributed by Canyon Cinema, one of the first distributors of art films in America. Tom got a lot of his films from them.

Link to the Whitney screening schedule and a listing of highlights.

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Summer of Love Redux

This was truly a FREE concert in the spirit of 1967.

They say 50,000 people showed up to revive the Summer of Love in a free concert in Golden Gate Park September 2, 2007. If they were still alive and performing and could make it, the performers showed up. All the good things were there but none of the bad. Lots of peace signs, posters, hippies, flowers, and sweet-smelling herb, but no bad drugs or strung out people. I only saw one even slightly rude person who insisted on moving a chair out of the path. That’s about how heavy it got. And… not one cop or official telling you NO Cameras, NO booze, NO drugs, NO dogs off leashes, NO nudity. There was one elderly nude guy with a campaign sign, but, everybody just left him alone.

Next summer is the fiftieth anniversary of the peace sign. There was a big yellow banner from one of the initiators of the movement that said, “These are my people,” which hundreds of people signed. National Geographic. is writing an article on it, that should come out in May or June of 2008, with the big yellow banner, as part of the photo spread. So our names will be published in National Geographic.

Concert Streams from Wolfgangsvault

This is incredible – 300 concerts have been released
from Bill Graham’s soundboard recordings at both the
Fillmore East & West, plus other venues that Graham
produced during his prolific career. And they are free!
To enjoy these concerts, which are streamed to you
over the  internet from “Wolfgang’s Concert Vault”
(Wolfgang was Graham’s real first name), just sign up
at the following site and enjoy the vintage concerts …

Summer of Love Celebrations

Summer of Love celebrations are bringing back memories of unity and freedom, of music in the parks, sharing drugs with strangers, and a feeling of optimism and faith in humanity. In San Francisco we are getting ready for a big concert in Golden Gate Park. The details and links:

A free concert in Golden Gate Park celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love takes place Sunday at Speedway Meadow, featuring dozens of veterans of the era.

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Temple of Wings in Berkeley

Tom told a story of a theater overlooking the Berkeley Hills where he watched his dancer friends perform. I found this place, which meets the description pretty well. You can see why he remembered it.

Temple of Wings

Photo by Daniella Thompson :  the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association

The Temple of Wings, 2800 Buena Vista Way, Berkeley, CA
Dance theories of Isadora Duncan were taught in Berkeley for years here. Florence Treadwell Boynton grew up in Oakland and was a childhood friend and admirer of Isadora Duncan. Isadora (1878-1927) was born in San Francisco, but grew up in Oakland where she began giving dance classes as early as the age of 10. Initially inspired by the movement of the ocean, Isadora developed a theory of expressive dance which broke from the restrictive movements of classical ballet.

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