Densmore Comes Out

John Densmore
John Densmore

Doors Drummer John Densmore Comes Out Of The Closet!

“I went over to John’s house recently to help him make this important video about the election. Hope you enjoy it!” – Thanks, Harlan Steinberger , Director of Hen House Studios


Off Topics moving to zRants

This site is for and about the Beaux Artists. Realizing that politics were a big part of Tom’s life and the Beaux Arts tradition, we are putting some political material on this blog and on the site. Most of the political rhetoric will be moved to the zRants blog. Please sign up for regular notices on updates or check us frequently there. Such topics as “oil drilling off the cost of Florida” and the pressing need for solar power will be covered there. Speaking of solar, have you heard the good news? A study on gas consumption of air conditioned vehicles has determined an air-conditioned car does not use any more gas than a car with the windows rolled down. So you can ride around in comfort without guilt.

Happy Trails


Op-ed on Right Wing Media

We designate liberal vs right wing, news and commentary by editorializing. If the spin is liberal, it tends to attack the right wing agenda. When the spin is conservative, the RW media will lie to sell their agenda.
Consider the lies that took us into Iraq with the spin of the corporate RW media.

Look at the drilling debate. The dems want to conserve our ecology and pristine beaches for the fisheries and tourism. Makes economic sense huh. I love to swim, surf, dive and sail there, as well as beach weddings feed my family. Continue reading “Op-ed on Right Wing Media”

Seeking Peace

San Francisco-based  artist, Victor Cartagena, is also “Seeking Peace“. Click on the link to read about the international art project. Victor is one of the artists I work with. His mixed media show in Miami, titled “Bang! Bang! Toy Gun” included some sugar-molded guns. The Miami curator had no problem with them, but a gallery in Texas turned him down, fearing an insect invasion. Hmmm?