Seeking Peace

San Francisco-based  artist, Victor Cartagena, is also “Seeking Peace“. Click on the link to read about the international art project. Victor is one of the artists I work with. His mixed media show in Miami, titled “Bang! Bang! Toy Gun” included some sugar-molded guns. The Miami curator had no problem with them, but a gallery in Texas turned him down, fearing an insect invasion. Hmmm?



Latest from Hugh – Peace Award

Dear Mari,

I saw the news reports about the fires in northern California and the smoke hanging over San Francisco Bay. I pray that you and your loved ones are all right and that the situation will improve soon.
Jonah Roll contacted me by email from Mexico, and it looks as if he will illustrate “Lorieley”. I am very happy about that. Thank you so much for linking us up.

Yesterday, I was informed that I had been chosen as the only Westerner together with seven personalities of public life in Pakistan to receive a “Peace Award, 2008” for my “life-long achievements and my present work at the Taxila Institute of Asian Civilizations, Islamabad”, from the European think tank “Institute of Peace and Development” (Belgium/Pakistan;;

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Artist Rights

Please take the time and go to this site and sign every petition possible DON’T LET CONGRESS ORPHAN YOUR WORK! There is also a special link for international artists and our colleagues overseas as well.

Pass it on to every artist friend you know.

Boo Ersham

News from Boo

Here is the film that Carla (my niece) and I made (she directed, edited and produced) that was chosen 1st at the Dalí Museum film competition. It was judged by John Waters (Hairspray, Cry Baby, Pink Flamingos). As a result we felt that extreme was called for and it did pay off. If you are easily offended this may not be for you, but in truth it is a pretty funny flick. I do think Tom would have been proud (John Waters, are you kidding?!), I also think I would have made him blush!…..Boo!

click on the link below for a high res version.

Hole in My Pocket

We’ve got a new video called Hole in My Pocket on YouTube, in time for your favorite holiday, April 15th. Sorry about the fuzz around the edges. That’s the way YouTube programs work now. I’ll post a better quality image on the Tommy D site. And, if you are in California, vote NO Prop 98 and YES 99 to protect Renter’s.