Florida Politics

New Independent Spirit Hits Florida.

The widespread political discord has spawned yet another political hopeful to run as an independent rather than embrace a party platform. Economist Farid Khavari announced today that he has withdrawn from the August Democratic primary and will run for governor as an independent in November, joining Governor Christ an effort to distance himself for the parties and politics as usual.

Rather than ignore the situation in the Gulf, we have decided to address it as an issue that Tom Reese would be involved in. He was an adamant animal lover and particularly concerned about the health of sea creatures. He mentioned that concern in one of the last letters he sent me.

If artists are offended by this, we can take it out of the blog. We just want to at least mention the issues of concern and allow for some comments. If anyone has a link to the Dolphin song or any other inspirational music or art please send it and we will post the links. This release is temporary. If anyone know of a good link to for an overview of the candidates let us know and we will use that instead.

Sincerely, Mari Eliza


*Khavari to Run for Governor as an Independent*

Miami, FL June 15 – Economist Farid Khavari announced today that he has
withdrawn from the August Democratic primary and will run for governor as an independent in November.

Khavari’s Economic Plan for Florida has received national attention and
gubernatorial candidates in at least five other states have adopted parts of
the plan for their campaigns. In prepared remarks, Dr. Khavari said:

“A governor should not serve party bosses, banks, insurance companies or
other special interests. A governor must be above party politics. He or she
must represent all of the people of Florida.

“I sincerely seek the support of all Floridians who care about our future,
whatever their party affiliation.

“Republican and Democratic party leaders long ago chose their candidates for governor, and put millions of dollars behind those candidates, without any input from the people. As a result, the presumptive candidates of the two
major parties are just like Tweedledee and Tweedledum. If you throw in Buddy Chiles — an unaccomplished candidate running on his father’s legacy — we might describe the current field as a choice between Tweedledee, Tweedledum and Tweedledumber. Voters can decide which one is which.

“If these are our only choices, then the banks, insurance companies and
other special interests win, and Florida loses. Voters in both parties are
disgusted, and who can blame them? Ask yourself where those millions in
campaign funds came from!

“Now Democrats and Republicans, and everyone else, have a real choice.

“I’m an economist, not a politician. I have an Economic Plan to create over
one million new jobs in Florida, without subsidies or “stimulus” money.
These jobs will create more jobs automatically. We will create a bank owned
by all the people of Florida. This bank can earn billions for the state
while slashing interest costs for state and local governments—and for every
citizen of Florida. Our 2% 15-year mortgages will create a thousand times
more jobs than any so-called stimulus plan, while stabilizing Florida’s
housing market at fair prices. Low interest-rate credit cards will earn
billions for our state treasury, while saving average Florida families
billions per month. This money will stay in Florida to drive our economy,
not to serve Wall Street.

“With over 1.4 million unemployed Floridians, and almost a million
foreclosures, we can’t afford crony politics any more.

“Unencumbered by partisan politics, my candidacy offers Floridians a real
choice: a healthy economy, a million new jobs, a stabilized housing market,
and unparalleled prosperity. Or you can limited your choices to the two
major-party candidates and we can lose another million jobs and another
million families can lose their homes.

“I look forward to winning the support of all Floridians who want a bright
future for our state.”

Farid A. Khavari, Ph.D. is a respected economist and author of nine books,
including Environomics. His Economic Plan for Florida is at


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