Uber-Style ‘Surge’ Pricing Could Be Coming To A Theatre Near You

By Sammy Caiola : capradio – excerpt (includes audio track)

And you have Uber to thank for that, or whoever first came up iwth the idea of surge pricing.

Would you see a movie midweek instead of on a Friday night if it meant saving a few bucks on a ticket? Regal Entertainment Group wants to find out.

The company owns Regal Cinemas, United Artist Theatres and Edwards Theatres. There are nine Regal theatres in the greater Sacramento area.

Under a new pricing strategy announced this week, ticket costs would vary by showtime. At peak times, shows would cost more. At slow times, they’d cost less.

It’s a model already used by ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft, and by sports teams… (more)

Will theater goers who are already disenchanted with the notion of dealing with traffic, parking and waiting in lines, put up with a confusing price structure for tickets as well? Surges usually go up not down. This seems like a good way to kill the local theater market that is already under stress from high prices and competition from online offers.


Kerouac in Encyclopaedia Britannica

I finally managed to convince the editors of the Encyclopaedia Britannica online that Jack Kerouac did indeed frequent the Beaux Arts coffee house (Pinellas Park) and my first college pub The Wild Boar (Tampa) as well.

But the EB editors found my lines about finding Kerouac still drunk in his car outside The Wild Boar the morning after unsuitable for publication. I don’t understand why really. After all, they report that he was nearly beaten to death by fellow drinkers whom he had “antagonized” in another bar. Then what’s so dangerous about saying that he slept off his hangover in the car outside The Wild Boar?

Anyway, I thought you would be happy to know that the Beaux Arts has now been immortalized by the EB online in their narrative of Kerouac’s life.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year ever!



P.S. Follow this link: additions-and-corrections-to-the-eb-online

New Photobucket collection

New Beaux Arts Photo collection.


Chris is creating a new photo collection from his Beaux Arts gallery. If you have trouble viewing the collection, you may log in using your facebook ID. If want to add to the collection or send Chris your files, contact him here:   Chris Skillman

Have fun.


Outlets for Beaux Arts People

Listen to local Tampa Bay musicians online

There are two local music outlets that Beaux Arts people might check out.
www.mellowmelodies.com lists local venues and concerts, house parties, etc. where some Beaux Arts people are playing at. There is a lot of local info at this site.
www.musictampabay.com is a local internet radio show which plays local musicians on a rotating basis. They utilize ‘Shoutcast’ or ‘Windows Media’. This writers computer system is so bad that I cannot get either, so I have not specifically heard the music.
The musictampabay.com radio music library includes former Beaux Arts people (the number after the name is how many songs the artist has in the library); Carl Wade and Barbara Schaeffer-1, Donna Klein-2, Jak Kelly-3-, Jeff O’Kelly-3, Joy Katzen-Guthrie-1, Jules-2, Paul J. Watkins-2, Ronnie Elliot-1, Sheila Kirsten-Hughes-4.
Jak Kelly’s song ‘Winter Moon’ was number 20 of 100 top songs of 2008 as compiled by the internet radio station that plays only Tampa Bay musicians.
This writer had to go directly to http://www.musictampabay.com because the connection from mellowmelodies did not work on my anemic computer.
I hope this encourages more Beaux Arts people to get out and play their music.
Malcolm Johnson

John Balcomb Photos

The Kids in 1982

The Kids (John Balcomb singer/guitarist/frontman) 1982


Los Angeles 1992. One of my many California trips.

la 1999

Los Angeles, California 1999 (myself with J.D. Souther and Fred Walecki)

J.D. Souther was one of the co-founders of the Eagles and a solo artist,
Fred Walecki owns Westwood Music in Hollywood and was a good friend of mine.