Giuliani: I Am Not Worried Because “I Have Insurance”

by Jonathan Turley

I have repeatedly criticized President Donald Trump’s counsel Rudy Giuliani for his record of rampage as counsel. Even before the ruinous work in the Ukraine came to light, Giuliani has assembled a long line of harmful statements. Now, in what may be the worst possible way to respond to a question whether he is concerned that Trump will throw him under the proverbial bus, Giuliani has said that he is not worried because “I have insurance.” It is a statement that raises obvious images of what the Russians call kompromat, or “compromising material.” Whether a joke or serious, it is again a remarkably dim-witted response at the height of an impeachment process… (more)

Tell the insurance theory to the victims of the fires and hurricanes who spend months of years trying to collect on their policies. It looks like Giuliani has more faith in his policy than a lot of people do.

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