Jobs Are Being Automated. The Solution? Give Everyone Free Money.

By Paris Marx : thebolditalic – excerpt

The idea of a “basic income” is not as far out as it seems.

The “next wave of economic dislocations” will not come from outsourcing or immigrant labour, declared Barack Obama during his farewell speech, but from automation.

This is news to Donald Trump, who places the blame for American job losses on China and Mexico, but the data show his statements reflect racism, not reality. Between 2000 and 2010, 5.6 million manufacturing jobs were lost, jobs that Trump has promised to “bring back” to America.

But here’s the thing: these jobs never actually left. Up to 85 percent of them were automated, not outsourced, and even Carrier has acknowledged it will automate the jobs it didn’t send to Mexico after its deal with Trump.

People are rightfully scared of automation because they have leaders who prefer to ignore the problems it is creating instead of offering hopeful solutions. The middle class is being hollowed out; more people are being forced into low-wage work; and their insecurity is leaving them open to the lies of Trumpian snake-oil salesmen (and saleswomen)… (more)

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Transforming How We Shop…
Financial Security for All…


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