Women Across The Country Are Angry, And Artists Are No Exception

The “Angry Women” art show is embracing the power of female rage.

Ahead of the Women’s March on Washington on Jan. 20, an event that brought nearly 500,000 people to the U.S. capital, women artists gathered in New York to display and celebrate their feminist art.

Their group exhibition, “Uprise / Angry Women,” kicked off on Jan. 17 as an effort organized by artist Indira Cesarine to benefit the ERA Coalition and Fund for Women’s Equality. The show highlights work by women of color, queer women and women with disabilities, featuring artists from places including Argentina, South Korea and the American Midwest. The artists range in age from 17 to 70.

“This isn’t an exhibit about one segment of the population. This is an exhibit of women in America today,” Cesarine told The Huffington Post…(more)

End these lies, with the signs from January 12, 2017 Women’s Rally in San Francisco

Music and lyrics by Tommy Deschaine, photos by Zrants
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We have a number of arts organizations who are attempting to protect the creative spirit that bloomed and spread from SF, but we are fighting a difficult battle to preserve our cultural integrity. This is not about a national agenda to squash rebellion, this is about a culture of greed attempting to displace it. Their line is: MONEY WINS! IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO BE HERE YOU DON’T BELONG HERE! The large number of homeless staying in tents is a testamont to that reasoning. We belive the Democrats lost the election because they allowed this to happen. SF’s Mayor lost sight of what is important he they decided to turn us into Disney North for sports fans. He failed to ask us what we wanted. How many other mayors around the country have done the same thing? How many other cities are being sold to the highest bidder?


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