Rick & The Ramblers Press

Greetings Friends of Rick & The All-Star Ramblers Western Swing Band

Just wanted to take a second and share a couple of mentions that have appeared recently in Vermont newspapers (remember newspapers?) about our new “Green Mountain Standard Time” CD. The first up is a very kind story by Roz Graham from last week’s Shelburne News which talks about the “Shelburne Yesterday” track on our CD. And the second is very surprising lead placement just before last week’s sold out “Green Mountain Standard Time” CD Release Party at the Hotel Vermont. Free Press music writer Brent Hallenbeck gave us the star treatment over one of the Phish guys, Mike Gordon, and over Peter Yarrow from Peter Paul & Mary. Name first, bigger picture and lead mention. NICE! Thanks Brent!

So that everyone can love our new album, we are offering “Green Mountain Standard Time” CDs for $15 each and we’ll ship free for the entire month of December. Our music makes a joyous Christmas gift that lasts all year long, not like Champlain Chocolates or Caledonia Spirits Barr Hill Vodka, gone too soon but not forgotten. Go to rickandtheramblers.com and order up. We ship immediately!

Make the most of your Holiday Season. Hold close Family, Friends & Vermont Music!
Cheers Everyone,
Rambler Rick


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