With God On Our Side

“With God On Our Side” on dropbox. I Don’t know how long it will stay or whether you need an account to access it.

We recorded this about a year ago at the Hen House, around Thanksgiving. It was the night after the terrorist attacks in Paris. We did one take. Megan Pfefferkorn sang with me. Paul Bushnell later provided some bass guitar and Anthony Logerfo gave us some drums. Harlan Steinberger captured it all beautifully in all its imperfection. Then it sat.

After waking up today, and like many others struggling to reconcile the sad state of our political climate, it felt like as good a time as any to share it. I tweaked some of the verses a bit (in typical folk fashion) just to be more current, but Bob Dylan’s words are sadly more relevant now than ever before. I hope this terrible election is the slap in the face the establishment needed. The optimist in me wants to believe it is the catalyst that will spark a long overdue revolution of radical love and tolerance. Maybe we have to truly hit rock bottom before that necessary paradigm shift can manifest.

The fight for an anomalous shift in the self-destructive fractal iteration of the human circumstance into a more highly advanced consciousness rages on … hope and action toward a better world must not falter…instead it all must be cranked up to 12 if we are to truly create a world in which our children may transcend man-made suffering… I have to believe that is still within our grasp.

In the words of the late great Haskell Wexler “I hope we can continue to make art for peace and love.”

Micah Nelson (Particle Kid)
November 9, 2016


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