History of the Groove


Hope  you are all well. My new book is out, History of the Groove: : Healing Drummer: Personal Stories of Drumming and Rhythmic Inspiration. Get it on Amazon or signed directly from me. Lots of Beaux Arts stuff in it. Thanks for keeping me in the loop – Russell Buddy Helm

Russell Buddy Helm was classically trained from the age of eight and has performed and recorded with many greats; Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Tim Buckley, Allman Brothers, Frank Zappa, Bethlehem Asylum, Mike Bloomfield, Kinky Friedman, Big Joe Turner, and many others. Also soundtracks for Ron Howard and other filmmakers. He wrote the Star Wars comic strips for George Lucas. He was also Post Production Supervisor for Dallas, Falconcrest, Knotts Landings, and other Lorimar television shows. Since 1987, he has been teaching drumming meditation in Santa Monica, California. He previously toured the US and Europe as a rock drummer in the Seventies then began touring again in 1990 across the US , Australia and Japan teaching healing drumming meditation to a growing number of people who are not always drummers but instinctively feel the desire to play a hand drum to experience healing grooves.





2 thoughts on “History of the Groove”

  1. I was reading the “people list” and I noticed some omissions. I Michael Merrill played there in the mid 60’s and managed the coffee house stage one summer. Mark Morey and Steve Rouchman should also be added to the list. Steve still writes and plays in Toronto. I started writing music again recently after a 27 year hiatus.

    1. Are you talking about people at Beaux Arts? I’ll try to add those. thanks, Working on saving the arts and culture in San Francisco right now. Our artists are being displaced along with a lot of citizens who all of a sudden have no home in the “trendy’ city that lost its heart.

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