Rick & The All-Star Ramblers Western Swing Band

Howdy Friends of Rick & The All-Star Ramblers Western Swing Band,

Summer has finally cut loose up here on the west coast of Vermont and I want to drop everyone a note to share the latest Rambler news. And it’s all GOOD! I hardly know where to begin, there is so much happening right now.
First, we are appearing Saturday, June 11th from 5 to 8 pm, at a terrific Discover Jazz Festival venue, Leunig’s Performance Tent right in the festival epicenter at the corner of Church & College Streets in Downtown Burlington. Yes, it’s our first Jazz Fest performance and we look forward to cramming all seven Ramblers under that tent. Come down and have a swinging dinner before moving along to other Jazz Festival concerts. It’ll be a feast for the palate AND the ears.
If you are walking through City Hall Park to get to Leunig’s, have a look at the beautiful banner Burlington City Arts put up honoring us for the “Western Swing Song of The Year” Award. Thank You, BCA!
Here’s another nugget of news I am very excited to report – we are going into Lane Gibson’s studio in Charlotte (Vermont, of course) this Sunday to begin recording our brand new CD, “Green Mountain Standard Time.” I wrote six new songs for the project, co-wrote two and there are three covers, two vocals by our songbird Taryn Noelle, one vocal by “Senor Smooth” Dave Rowell, and an instrumental to show off the sterling Ramblers’ musical chops. Here’s the song list: Green Mountain Standard Time, Texoma Bound, Shelburne Yesterday, Don’t Do Me Like That With Yer Cowboy Hat, Lost In Austin, I’m A Blue Baby Now, I’ll Get Over You, Fly Trouble, I’m Gonna Take It With Me When I Go #1, I’m Gonna Take It With Me When I Go #2, and I Love Western Swing. We are shooting for a late Summer release on the Airflyte Records label. And yes, the (free) CD Release Party will be held once again at the magnificent Hotel Vermont.
Radio and Internet airplay, you ask? There was a time not too long ago when I knew exactly when and on what station, one of our songs would be played. And let me say right here, that even after 40-plus years of recording, it never ceases to be a thrill to hear one of your own songs blaring out of a radio speaker (yep, I always turn it up). Within the past week, here is a list of airplay we enjoyed that I know about: Saturday, May 28th – WDEV – Waterbury, VT – Jack Donovan’s “Outlaw Music Show” – played “Back in Baby’s Arms” (vocal Taryn); Sunday, May 29th (and podcast for a week) – KSEY – Seymour, TX & KTNK – Lompac, CA – Mike Gross’s “Swingin’ West” – played “You’re In Heaven” (vocal Rick); May 30th to June 5th – Internet Radio; Madrid, Spain; Rio, Brazil & Austin, TX – “When The Cowboy Sings Show” – named a CD of the Week – played “Welcome To OUR Vermont” (vocal Rick & Jamie Lee Thurston). Thank you so much to all these terrific radio and internet personalities who are so supportive of Rick & The Ramblers and Western Swing Music!
Please take a minute over the weekend and check out our web site at www.rickandtheramblers.com. We updated it today with news and some new photos. The concert listings are always up to date, by the way, so take a look at our concert schedule and make plans to come see us and please, come up and say HELLO so we know you are there.
And finally, I want to mention that I’ll be playing solo at some very special festivals starting with the Vermont History Expo, both days, June 18th & 19th, down at the Tunbridge Fairgrounds. This is a favorite event, a perfect showcase for my historic Vermont songs, like “I Rode The Ti” and “Shelburne Yesterday,” a new song that tours the town of Shelburne in the 1950s we are recording on the new “Green Mountain Standard Time” CD. I am also on the bill at the “Eat More Kale Festival” at the Morse Farm in East Montpelier on Saturday, June 25th at 3 pm. And The Mighty Pickle and I will be appearing at the Alburgh Summerfest on Saturday, August 27th – it’s also a car show and Chili Cookoff, two of my favorite things.
Thanks for wading through all this news and for being our fans & friends. We love you!
Rambler Rick


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