Scientology’s Fort Harrison hotel hosts mass transit pitch

By Tracey McManus : tampabay – excerpt

CLEARWATER — A pitch by a local advocate trying to interest City Hall in a fledgling transit technology took an atypical turn this month when one City Council member received what appeared to be a special briefing at the Church of Scientology’s Fort Harrison Hotel…

Although Cundiff, a member of Lakeside Community Chapel and former Baptist preacher, said he didn’t over-think the venue beforehand, the Fort Harrison meeting marks a distinct departure from the historically tense relationship between city officials and the church.

That relationship has been marked by a decades-long territory struggle over real estate as the church, the biggest property owner downtown, continues to expand its worldwide spiritual headquarters while the city tries to revitalize downtown business and retail.

After the Clearwater Marine Aquarium publicly identified a 1-acre parcel on Drew Street for a parking garage, Scientology snapped it up — adding one more roadblock that prevented the aquarium from relocating into downtown last year. In addition, the church ran up $435,000 in fines for construction delays on its massive Flag Building, which opened in 2013, and has clashed with the city over illegal tree cuttings and code violations…

Sounds like the problems San Francisco has with the Art Academy University. The bigger they get, the more problems they stir up. Don’t let these guys fool you. The pie-in-the-sky smart tech concepts are being used for one major purpose, to remove you from your money and homes. They want to take over the real estate under your feet and will use any means to do so. We are referring to it as displacement and it is an international phenomenon.

Say No, to any and all smart tech transit systems and any and all regional schemes that promise to protect you from the consequences of climate change. Your National, state, county and local governments are all the levels of authority and tax you need. Good luck.


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