Beaux Arts Fence’s


Hi there,

Back in the 70’s I remember the wood fencing around the patio near the police station, that’s too funny in it self, anyway in the 80’s I picked up free fencing and was told it was from Beaux Arts. Each section had it’s own art work (painting) on it. I painted all of them white when I put the fence up. I just replaced that fencing and there is one that I didn’t paint white, and I wanted to check before I trash it.
You just never know.

Thanks,  Michael T Dragon


2 thoughts on “Beaux Arts Fence’s”

  1. To: Michael T. Dragon,

    Thanks for advertising the offer of the painted fence section…  I wish I could preserve it for posterity but can’t. I remember the painted fence side near the PD.  


    John Balcomb

    1. We could maybe create a model of sorts. There are some models and plot plans and property layouts. If you remember where on the fence this painting was, we could “place” it in a context. That could be fun. Michael, We can take a good photo of each, or create a drawing and make a virtual setting. Do you remember where the fence with the painting was? How did you end up with the fence? Maybe you could do a beach burning? Do you do those kind of things in Florida these days? Sort of like a mini burning man.


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