Paradise Lost

San Francisco is selling its soul. Watch out because they are coming after your city too.

I used to be rather involved in the local San Francisco music scene when there was one. Did a little PR for bands and artists. One of them was the Paradise Lounge. Hanging out Above Lounge, I wrote song called, “Everybody’s got an angle”, because everybody I knew one. Nothing has changed in that regard, except that now, all the time we had to be creative, socialize, and have fun is taken up just getting around town. It used to take 20 minutes. Now it takes up to an hour depending on when and how you go. We might as well live in LA. Many musicians moved there when the rehearsal studios closed down.

The city that used to know how has forgotten how to live graciously in peace and harmony. It has turned into a stressed out society that seduces itself by playing with small screens. Being creative now means sticking it to someone else so you can climb up the ladder of your idea of success. My description of the disruptive “sharing economy” is taking as much of everyone’s share as you can grab.

Here is a sample of what we used to see Above Paradise:


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