Malcolm Johnson


Malcolm at Beaux Arts III in St. Petersburg Florida 2007

Pinellas County! Our friend Malcolm Johnson, he of the omnipresent camera
and notebook, is pretty ill. He’s at Apollo Rehabilitation Center, 1000 –
24th Street N. in St. Pete. Since nobody knew about this when he got sick
and was taken by ambulance to the hospital, friends spent almost three weeks
trying to find him. Which means he’s been all but abandoned without friends
knowing and stopping by to encourage him. Can you make time for this act of
kindness and appreciation for all Malcolm’s done in our community? Hope to
run into you at Apollo Rehab!”

DSC01047 MRJtoon

The Declaration of Dependence and a drawing of Malcolm Llyn found in her files.

We have some footage by Eric Bechus titled “Beaux Arts Restoration and Resurrection Film” posted on Youtube that features Tom Reese, Eric Bechus and Malcolm Johnson. In fact there is a Beaux Arts Channel.


2 thoughts on “Malcolm Johnson”

  1. There are many of us in the St. Petersburg art scene who have been searching for our dear friend and Tampa Bay Area treasure, Malcolm Johnson. Please let us know how Malcolm is doing. I saw that he was under medical care in June of last year, and after calling Apollo RC, was told that he was released a couple of months later. Since that time, (well over a year) we’ve not heard or seen him once. My email address is Please send a note, and let Malcolm know that he is missed by many. Sincerely, Wayne S. Williams.

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