Rue Legouvé in the Canal district of Paris

I call this one Dali Street, but it is Rue Legouvé, off of Rue Lucien Sampaix, between Boulevard de Magenta and Quai de Valmy and the Canal Saint-Martin. The photos don’t do Rue Legouvé justice. The walls are heavily textured brick, with complex textures and jagged cutouts. You can see some of the jagged edges along the wall in the third photo. Across the street is the storefront that comes as closes to Beaux Arts as anything else I have seen. The artist looks like the head in the diamond sign. The sign in the window is Hubert Karaly Bijoux. He is in good health and exactly as Tom would have wanted to be. He took his coffee in the morning down by the cafe we hung out in. Stay tuned for more Paris photos…

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Coming soon. Jardin Villemin 14 Rue de Récollets, with the comfortable grass lawn seating.


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