In Honor of George McGovern

In honor of George McGovern


In honor of George McGovern, I post this photo from 1972. L to R: Caitlin
Johnson, Barry Simms (Vietnam vet, US Army), Llyn French, Charles Futch,
Holly Gwinn Graham, Bill Dreyer (2x Vietnam vet, USMC). “Republicans for
McGovern-Shriver,” Williams Park bandshell, St. Petersburg, FL. Not all of
us were Repubs, and I do not recall what songs we did, but I was proud to be
for McGovern and against the war… all wars.

– Llyn French

There’s a way to live with Earth, and a way not to live with Earth.  We choose the way of Earth.
– John Trudell (1946 -), patriot of 
the indigenous nations of the Western hemisphere

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