Meeting Old Beaux Arts People

Meeting old friends in new places.

Last night I went to a new Open Mike at Book Lovers shop on Central Ave in St. Pete. It was the first time I had been there. I met two men who were regulars at St. Pete and one woman I had never met before. She was living in Sarasota at the time when she would drive up to Pinellas Park to go to Beaux Arts. She said she was 16 when she started going to BA. Her name is Beth Jackson. At the open mike, she read her poetry and sang acapella in a Southern style, with a tinge of Gospel. She said that she had been a professional singer, and I believe her! She was very friendly, but I did not get to talk to her a lot because of the show in progress. I think she would be happy to compare notes with you. I am sure that I will see her again at the open mike ( It is held every two weeks on a Wednesday evening). There were about 16 people at the open mike and I enjoyed it because it was more like Beaux Arts than others that are held in bars, etc.
     Bookmark: . They are reporting that the new “On The Road’ movie is going to be released in France, May 23. No mention yet about the United States.
Malcolm Johnson

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