Arnold’s Boat Yard

Arnold’s Boat Club revival on the Beaux Arts Site coming soon as per request.


If you don’t know about this, surprise. They don;t have your name spelled right. It’s Mari Eliza who travelled with Michael and Richard Leps to NY, then they got that recording contract off the streets. I was back in 2006 to promote a concert at the State Theater in St. Pete. Richard played with Jak Kelly by my request and also Ronnie Elliott and the headliner Bethlehem Asylum (Danny Finley or Panama Red, Buddy Helm, and Charlie Dechant). Lost my ass but had a great reunion and Florida vacation. We did a live hour on wfmt, a little beach bar gig but still only 35 people showed up. Lynn French requested to do an acapella song at the end, that was nice ,, I think she was the first one I heard at Beaux Arts in 1966 or so with her then husband George. I still have some rough cassettes of that boy scout camp ranch festival you put otn. I used to be in the furniture trucking business in Florida and had to repair some booboo’s on the truck.  Tried to learn as much as I could from this old wizard we had a Mangurian’s mega ripoff store. Sounds like a good niche  to combine with music. I currently own a share of a taxi co-op in San Francisco so life is comfortable, lots of musican friends and roommates, do Photography and Video.It’s great to get in touch again. Let me know if you’re coming this way, there’s actually no money out here, too many musicians, people who are good playing for tip jars and dinner! just like the sixties. Let’s get the Arnold’s Boatyard stuff together and do a page or on the Beaux Arts site. Still sounds great to me! PHIL

From David Dawsey – via facebook:
Holy f%#K Phil, You belong to a very elite(I mean small) group of folks who would speak those words “Arnolds Boatyard”. I’m flattered you remember me from 197?.
Recording studio-Berkeley? I lived there a few years before we met. has a small selection of current music under my name.
I have a small service bussiness doing blemish repair on furniture and cabinets(20+years-I’m “the”guy in town)so that I can afford to play music. I’ve been doing a lot of that in the past few years.
I’m surprised and glad to hear from you.

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