In Memory of Ginny Achin

In Memory of Ginny Achin.

We are sorry to report the passing of another Beaux Artist. News came from her son yesterday about Ginny Achin.


3 thoughts on “In Memory of Ginny Achin”

  1. From John Balcomb \ Beaux Arts artisan and friend of Bob and Ginny Achin.

    Tom met Bob on a St. Petersburg City bus and brought him to Beaux Arts around 1970 or 71′. I remember Tom telling me he thought he was tripping on Peyote and lost when they met. He was was one of the most unique individuals to become part of the Beaux Arts circus. Bob was doing authentic American Indian tribal dancing and Tom was quite excited to have discovered him so to speak.
    Tom would feature him on Sundays in the garden and he also did shows at the Wagon Wheel Flea Mkt. I did the tribal drum accompaniment for him. He met Ginny at Beaux Arts shortly after his arrival and they married. Ginny had a small brood of children that belonged to her and it was an instant family for Bob. I spent many hours with them and enjoyed every moment.
    They did leather crafting and Bob made a magnificent pair of Arapaho Indian boots for me as well as several pairs of moccasins. We would often discuss Indian cultural history and traditions. Bob was quite knowledgeable about various Western tribes. Ginny was very supportive of Bob and took care of him as he did of her. I will always remember her children playing around them at Beaux Arts and how much Tom thought of her.
    This was the early 1970’s and Beaux Arts was still buzzing with the time/space fallout of the 1960’s… you could very definitely feel the warm afterglow of the artistic explosion and mushroom cloud.

    God Bless you Ginny… Rest in Peace. You were a good friend.

    1. I have a lot of the photos from Bob and Ginny’s wedding….. email me and I can either send them to you or post them to photobucket or something…. I am her 2nd oldest son, btw

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