Spread the word! Beaux Arts Now!

Beaux Arts exists to foster an inclusive art culture that incorporates a cross-pollination of art, music, film, writing, sound and performance. In providing a platform for these different media to co-exist in dialogue and without hierarchy, Beaux Arts encourages experimentation and risk taking in the pursuit of excellence in contemporary art practice

Artists, photographers, film makers, musician and performers of any and all art forms are encouraged to contact us with examples of their work for inclusion in future events to be hosted at our exciting new contemporary exhibition space and cultural events center in Clearwater Florida

Jay Loiselle: 813.251.6444 | Chris Skillman: 727.520.4102



One thought on “Spread the word! Beaux Arts Now!”

  1. We have had a great time since opening night setting the Guinness world’s record for largest movie camera collection inc. Hollywood props from Liz Taylor’s “Cleopatra”, Boris Karlof. & Bela Lugosi-even
    Gumby and “Rocket Girl”. Lots of fun for all and even a film festival!

    Dec.4th’s show “Dissection” was a full house and much fun featuring 21 artists, musicians and poets with a great crowd enjoying themselves immensely and we managed to recaptue the sense of
    “family” that the orignal Beaux Arts had. No one wanted it to end-
    artists and crowd alike. “Cirque du Surreal” opens Jan.3rd-8th.

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