Wade’s Van Dorn’s famous “Life Kills” Tombstone

Wade Van Dorn Tombstone


Some questions arose recently regarding Wade Van Dorn’s Tombstone. I called on the one person I knew who I thought would know the answer – Malcolm Johnson. He got back to me with the following:

Wade Van Dore’s cremains burial spot near Tom’s has a small granite marker engraved with his name and dates. I think you may be talking about the large tablet that Tom had in the garden in Pinellas Park and St. Petersburg (It had been broken in half but was patched back together again). This was a copy of the original which I have no idea of where that is. I had heard that everything in that outside storage area had been picked up and junked. There is a possibility that someone locally saved that, but I have not heard anything as to who and where.

So, now we know. There may be more than one Van Dorn tombstone. Let us know if you know of any more where they are. More on Van Dorn and his friendship with Tom: http://www.beauxartsbook.com/Writers/Wade.html

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