Goodbye Odetta

Goodbye Odetta

One of the worlds’ great voices graced the halls of Beaux Arts in the early years. Unfortunately, I missed her performance on Banjo Stage at the San Francisco Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2008 Festival. To many Odetta was the voice of the Civil Rights movement. Her songs inspired a generation of young progressives that ended segregation and stopped an unjust war. She was a fighter, who never quit. She made us proud. She will be missed.


One thought on “Goodbye Odetta”

  1. I rmember when I first seen Odetta on Television, it was in the early sixties, I was about fifteen.. I did not know but a few African American folk singers that was and that was Odetta, Richie Haven and Taj Mahal. This is when I fell in love with folk music.

    I seen Odetta at The North American Folk Alliance one year and that time they were acknowledgeing her for what she had contributed to American Folk Music. I did get a chance to speak with her and hear some of her views on certain aspects in american and the young generation.

    She has always been some one I admired. I was given a photo of her with her signature by Herb Snitzer a fabulous photographer who knew my love for her and her music. I also have a recording on vinyl that was given to me by an older lady friend of mine over twenty years ago.

    My heart was sad when i heard Odetta had past. When I perform I always mention her when I am about to sing a song that she recorded. As an African American it gives me more reason and pleasure to menton her in my programs…

    I will do my best to keep you Alive in the folk music arena Odetta….

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