Op-ed on Right Wing Media

We designate liberal vs right wing, news and commentary by editorializing. If the spin is liberal, it tends to attack the right wing agenda. When the spin is conservative, the RW media will lie to sell their agenda.
Consider the lies that took us into Iraq with the spin of the corporate RW media.

Look at the drilling debate. The dems want to conserve our ecology and pristine beaches for the fisheries and tourism. Makes economic sense huh. I love to swim, surf, dive and sail there, as well as beach weddings feed my family.

The real reason for high oil prices is speculation by oil co. traders, (the enron loophole), continued filling of the strategic reserve, and the wasteful driving habits of gas guzzling road hogs. The RW tries to demonize the dems as obstructing progress of supplying our own oil. Why? because big oil contributes billions to their campaign. McCain has received 1.5 million in contributions this year. And they want those leases now to sell the oil on the world market and get top dollar.

Any Floridian who cares about our economy and environment knows that the few barrels of Florida oil, sold on the world market, will not make a penny difference in the price of gasoline, but 1 spill in 1 hurricane could devastate our economy and pristine beaches. so why drill Florida when theres 64 million acres of already approved drilling sites nationally waiting for permits? Big oil doesn’t seek those permits, they like the price where its at now . But they want to own the mineral rights, which should belong to the people of THIS country, not British petroleum or Kuwait owned Exxon Mobil.

The stakes are high. The RW spins the blame to the dems for holding up production, with the help all of the media, and the general public swallows it in big gulps. That’s the effect of the right wing media. and ALL of the outlets deliver that message. Its on all the channels, with a senate or house republican interview, parroting the same drilling mantra. Talking heads from corporate media on MSN, CBS, ABC, FOX, CNN, clear channel, PBS, AM radio, on every newscast on every station. DRILL DRILL DRILL. None give the opposing angle, or the effects of drilling spills. (google beach pollution of Galveston Tx and Mobile Ala.)

So its liberal for Fl own Mel Martinez (R) Miami, to oppose drilling along with Bill Nelson? No its smart and logical. That’s conservative. Those senators say lets conserve this beautiful state. But none of the media, NOT ANY OF THE MEDIA, makes that point. BC the media is RW! An agenda, by all of the corporate media, with contributions from big oil advertising in the billions, is to convince the American public that we should give up protecting the beaches and those states’ economy in the interest of cheap oil. And it’s working. Obama has agreed, from public pressure, to back some offshore drilling. And when the Florida economy goes flat, so will our businesses. And that little treatise is not loony brother, nor left wing, its fact!


Because in Florida there is NO media informing Floridians of the dangers and results of offshore drilling.
There has been a black-out to educate the public. NO NEWS SOURCE EVER EXPLAINS THIS FACT!
Here we have all right wing talk radio 24/7. The corporate news channels, NBC,CBS,FOX,CNN all refuse to inform the public of anything except the “need” of offshore drilling to reduce gas prices. And most
ill-informed Floridians get there infotainment from some big-oil supporting corporate news source. Now they believe it’s true, and also think it won’t foul our environment We need a balance in news reaching
the masses here, but there is no support from the anti drilling lobby or Democratic party except bumper stickers and (rarely) a story on PBS viewed by .05% of the tv watchers. Most floridians have bought into the
glen beck, Rush Limbaugh rhetoric drill mania and cannot be enlightened.

– C Gome


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