Latest from Hugh – Peace Award

Dear Mari,

I saw the news reports about the fires in northern California and the smoke hanging over San Francisco Bay. I pray that you and your loved ones are all right and that the situation will improve soon.
Jonah Roll contacted me by email from Mexico, and it looks as if he will illustrate “Lorieley”. I am very happy about that. Thank you so much for linking us up.

Yesterday, I was informed that I had been chosen as the only Westerner together with seven personalities of public life in Pakistan to receive a “Peace Award, 2008” for my “life-long achievements and my present work at the Taxila Institute of Asian Civilizations, Islamabad”, from the European think tank “Institute of Peace and Development” (Belgium/Pakistan;;

The first name on the list of recipients of this award is that of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, the late Benazir Bhutto. The awards will be presented sometime in the coming days (the exact time and place of the ceremony must be kept secret for security reasons) by Senator Asif Ali Zardari, the widower of Benazir. There are a number of press releases concerning the awards already in the internet (;;; I thought I should let you know. You might like to update my humanitarian activities on the website or in the “Beaux Artisans”.
Whenever I look back at my life (“Good times, bad times, you know I’ve had my share…”) I recall what Ernest Hemingway once said about being fortunate enough to have been a young man in Paris in the 1920s: This was the “Moveable Feast” that he took with him wherever he went throughout his life. My time at the Beaux Arts, part of it with you and Jordan, was, in no way, less formative for me.




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