Beaux Artist

I enjoyed looking at your Beaux-Arts site and reading about Tom. It brought back a lot of warm Florida memories. I frequented B.A. from 1980-1982 when I was in Largo High School. My artist friends and I would make the trip over from Largo to see foreign movies and the art shows. It was the only place like it when I was growing up. I remember Tom being friendly to us (a bunch of teen long-hairs.) I was studying painting at the Gulf Coast Art Center back then, when it was in Bellair.

Those were my two favorite places at the time and really are responsible for me pursuing my life as an artist. I ended up attending the Ringling School of Art and Design- 1982-1986 and have since gone on to exhibit my work around the country as well as hold staff positions at several well known museums: (Guggenheim Museum, Ringling Museum and Grey Art Museum/ NYU.) I have lived and worked as an artist and art restorer in New York City for the last 15 years but still enjoy thinking about how exciting it was to discover the life of the artist for the first time. Good luck with your book.



2 thoughts on “Beaux Artist”

  1. hello,
    first let me say, please excuse me for asking about someone else’s artwork, but i am trying to find the artist. i have an iron metal sculpture purchased in florida (maybe in the 1970’s) that has “skura” on the bottom. i see that you are too young to have made it, but could it be someone in your family, etc.? i quite like this piece and i thank you for any info you can share. thank you, jv


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