Another Petitioner for the Beaux Arts Park in Pinellas – Melissa Thorp

Melissa Thorpe wrote to let me know she has a petition for a Park in Tom’s name in Pinellas Park. What is amazing about this story is that she only went there twice, yet she was impressed enough to start something. There are now three petitioners that I know of with blogs on Beaux Arts Park petitions. More links soon.

For now, here is Melissa’s quote of the day, from Bob Keeling’s book on Kerouac in Florida, “Where the Road Ends.” It says, ” When Kerouac did want people to know who he was,, he would hang out at the Beaux Arts coffeehouse in Pinellas Park, about the closest thing to a New York-type cultural scene the Tampa Bay area had to offer.  There Kerouac could rap with a variety of musicians, writers, and other artists.  Lowe and his band had acoustic jams in the torchlight garden at the Beaux Arts.  Kerouac would try to fit in with his harmonica or ukulele. ‘though he never could play either’ Lowe said.”

Thanks, Melissa


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