More Found Art

We are continually gathering information on art that was in the Beaux Arts Collection. Four new pieces were just located. Please send us any information or questions you may have regarding work you think may be from the gallery. We will pass the information on to people the experts.



2 thoughts on “More Found Art”

  1. In the History section of “the book”, there is a 1952 reference to Bill Wasel. I think he was a very little boy in that year. Check it out.

    Ginny Arthur played guitar on stage. In about 1973, she returned to PPark and married a self proclaimed Native Americanon the back garden patio of the Beaux. She performs in New Mexico as Ginny Achin.

    Malcolm Arthur, poet, read onstage his own poetry and that of many later to become famous poets. He still lives in Florida.

    1972-74 Barry Simms, Bill Wasel, Bill Dreyer and ______(Llyn knows his name, he worked with her at the Marine Lab before going to Tallahassee) performed as a group onstage frequently.

    I have many memories of sitting with Tommy’s mom, Donna, while she talked about traveling across the continent when her father and uncles went to the Alaska gold rush.
    Email me
    Dottie Arthur

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