Outlaw Music.

From SpiritOfTheOutlaws.com

Dave Pilot

Outlaw Music: What It Is….What It Means

Funny how as time slips on by certain styles of music draw labels and
certain genres draw fans. It feels at times as if the tattered collective
conscience is ripping itself apart at the seams, as if all of humanity in a
unified voice is screaming for individuality. Ours being a capitalistic
society, those screams could not have gone unnoticed for long. As the word went back a couple of ’49’s ago, there’s gold in them thar hills. So record companies sprang up, replete with suits and A&R types. In that same prehistoric period, the earliest ancestors of behemoths like Clear Channel first slithered onto shore; unfortunately, they chose to bring the
primordial muck along and base their new civilization on it. And as has
always been the case in the annals of mankind, what was pure and unfiltered became just another revenue stream…

read the whole story posted on Panama’s site linked below


I’d ad one more to the list, Country Joe MacDonald of the original Fish. He’s wowing the younger crowd with up-to-date lyrics.


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