Beaux Arts Gallery and Coffeehouse

The Beaux Arts book is for and about the people who passed through Beaux Arts Gallery and Coffeehouse of Pinellas Park, Florida, where Thomas Reese set the stage and invited artists and performers to create their magic. Here’s another blank canvas waiting to be filled with Truth, Rumors and Fantasies.

Submit stories to Guest page or email and I will post them for you. We’ll try to get this thing figured out. So far, I’m about half there now.

The year got fixed. I decided I like wordpress better than other blog options. Hey, they are in SF. I can go to a blog party and get the details from the creators, so to speak. The last party was at Thee Parkside, which is about ten blocks East of me. The picture links are fun when they work. (see comment.) Scroll down the links on the side.



One thought on “Beaux Arts Gallery and Coffeehouse”

  1. WordPress is set up to work by adding Posts and Pages. Post are part of an ongoing categorised document with is related to a point in time. to post, click Write, then start writing in the large box.
    Pages are not part of the same document. They are not categorised.

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